I Ruler is about progression of the human mind, body and soul. Born Terrence Torelle Salter, 1989 in Munich, Germany and raised in Dallas, Texas, Terrence was always very enthusiastic with art and originality. Terrence always found himself drawing and nodding his head as his mother played classic soul funk era music during the day. At the age of 12, Terrence enrolled in band class at his local jr high school and started playing instruments. Through the years, Terrence would go on to play trumpet, baritone, trombone, tuba and all instruments involved in percussion. Terrence had always had a thing for writing poetry and lyrics but never took hip hop music into his heart until the age of 16 where he first got his hands on a FL Studio program. From then on, it was love on creation... the very thing that will not only open Terrence's mind to music even more thoroughly, it would also come to open his mind and perception on the experience of life.

Through such a long journey, Terrence has had a lot of struggles and problems with fitting in with others. This led to plenty of problems and distractions that kept him from his full potential. Learning the importance of independence through his own independent studies of interest, Terrence felt as if he had been owned by things that were not of his original self and being. He realized that life wasn't about pleasing everyone. He also realized life is more than what just what the eyes can see and what the ears can hear and what the nose can smell. Life became an ever expanding galaxy instead of the box that he was used to. 

Iron Wolf has now been re-birthed as a more confident, more understanding and more affirmative person when it comes down to his dreams that were never taken seriously by anyone he ever met until this point of time where I Ruler is now well into the underground Hip Hop industry. I Ruler has worked with artists such as Redi Highknights, Ronin Monks, Bizzy Slaughter, Chaotic Logic, CVS the Abstract, Daddie Poe, Cza NME, Abomination Colossal, Robby Ratchet and more.... I Ruler has a strong fan base thanks to the people of multiple social networking sites that he connects with on a daily basis. Their support has really uplifted him into a state of being virtually the God of his craft. For those people, I Ruler is thankful. I Ruler welcomes you to Wolf Mountain. Feel free to contact him! UHURU HOTEP!


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